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Digital Consulting ​​

Get to know the advantages of digitisation and digital transformation in sales and marketing for companies.


We help our customers implement and optimize digital strategy in order to effectively offer corporate goals, services and products.

Content Marketing​

Our business process is part of a communication strategy to gain new customers, improve the company image or raise brand, product or person awareness.

Graphic Design​​

MerisCon ARTDesign offers professional expertise and graphics products to private and business customers.

Web Design​

If you are looking for an agency for modern and professional websites or web shops, we are the right partner for your requirements.


Social Media​​

Your social media content should follow your digital strategy and be specially tailored to the platform. In this way, you can improve your conversion rates and increase your brand awareness.


We understand Search Engine Optimisation as a continuous process to improve and sustainably influence the ranking of search engines.


Regardless of whether it is a political or product campaign, it must always be strategically precise and uniquely creative in order to achieve the goals and target groups. We will find the right solution for you.

Marketing Research

From a combination of primary and secondary data, we recognise what customers and target groups want. We then optimise your digital strategy and marketing.

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Communication design on all media channels should present your company, service, product or person in a relevant and exciting way. That is why design has to be innovative, simple and distinctive to create an adventure.

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In order to build trust and permanently strengthen the relationship with customers or target audiences, a clear, regular and well-specified communication strategy on media channels is necessary.

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Best Practices

In order to act and communicate digitally, your strategy must be based on knowledge of human nature and act analytically on a constructive basis – this is a prerequisite for future-oriented strategies for your digital breakthrough.

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